Oral implants

An oral implant is a titanium screw that replaces a lost tooth root. Titanium fuses with the bone in the jaw. As a result, implants form a strong foundation for replacing a single tooth, several teeth or a whole set of teeth.

The advantage of an implant is that it can replace a tooth without causing any damage to the teeth in the immediate vicinity. To replace a lost tooth using a bridge, the neighbouring teeth have to be ground away. The damage caused by this process may undermine the long-term retention of these other teeth. If all or most of the teeth are lacking in the jaw, implants are the only alternative for carrying out a reconstruction.

Is an implant always possible?

Implants are possible in adults provided there is sufficient bone present. We assess this using a 3-D cone beam CT. If you still have your own teeth, it is important to keep your gums healthy. Otherwise they will need to be treated first. Your dentist will then restore the implants using teeth that look as natural as possible.