How long does an implant last

The aim is to ensure you have a good set of teeth for a lifetime. Teeth can be lost through an accident, as a result of caries (tooth decay) or by periodontitis.

An implant is usually the best option for replacing a lost tooth. You can keep properly cared for implants for a very long time. You will need to care for your implants every day, just as you would for your own teeth. We will provide you with any help you may need for maintaining good oral hygiene. Also have your implants examined once a year.

However, smokers have an above-average risk of their implant treatment being unsuccessful. In smokers who have lost teeth through periodontitis, the risk of unsuccessful implant treatment is higher still.

With smokers, it is more common for the bone surrounding an implant to become loose (peri-implantitis). Peri-implantitis usually occurs a few years after the implants have been inserted. This condition is difficult to treat and may ultimately result in the loss of the implant. For that reason, we advise all smokers to quit the habit before they have their implants. Based on your previous medical history, we will discuss any risks of unsuccessful implant treatment with you. If implants are not to be recommended, we will propose other alternatives for you.